Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick...A Thesaurus, Please!

I would say that I tend to get bored somewhat easily. I would say it, but can't because of the slim chance that someday my progeny may read this. If that time came, then they would remember (and surely point out) with indignation that 'bored' was not even a word they were permitted to say. They might even hear my voice in a fashion similar to that of Charlie Brown's teacher, stressing how uncreative a word 'bored' is; How it does not really describe what is going on with them, anyway. If they are restless, can't think of anything to do, or just need a change of scenery, then tell me THOSE things. Those things sound fixable, unlike 'Bored' which just seems so... untouchable.

Since I can't be bored, I must stretch my brain a little to describe my current state.

'Wa wa wah wah wahn..' That was Chucks' teacher's voice inside my head again.

I think I've got it now:

I'm AM NOT bored.

I DO just need a change of scenery- that is why I am moving my blogging ambitions from 'Some Assembly Required' at Homeschool Blogger, here. I have not written with any consitency in almost a year and now when I see my old page I think, 'stuck'. There is such a gap between entries and I, fixated as I can be, feel compelled to try and fill it in and that is just crazy. It was one live-in mother (plus her FIVE cats), one lay off, and an entire child ago, afterall. It can't be done.

If you want to consider me a traitor for making the move, I'm okay with that. Just stand still for a minute while I kick you in the knee-cap, then we can make up. You can visit me, I'll visit you-it will be like it never happened.

It never happened.



SmallWorld at Home said...

Oh, YOU are ducttape mom!! I am so happy to see you over here!

Barbara said...

Well allow me to update my feed reader. I'll be reading too! (formerly bestsister...I too have jumped ship from Homeschoolblogger. shhhhh).