Friday, May 15, 2009

7 Things That I Can Not Get to Link.

I have decided to participate in '7 Quick Takes Friday' because the thought of doing something quickly has appeal; I can do quick. Quick is good.

1. After several nights of full-nighted sleep I was awakened last night at 2:00, 2:40, 4:00, 4:30 and finally at 6:00. My husband was not home so there was no pretending not to hear the interruptions. I really love full nights of sleep but really, when you have five kids, I guess you are just kind of asking for it.

Besides that, if Early Bird had not woken me up to watch 'Cars' this morning I would not be able to include my second and third thing for the morning.

2. Garbage Day! I almost missed it. I forget to take it to the curb last night. If I had not been pulled out of bed before I was ready, my house would have been passed by and I would not have been awake to see...

3. The other professional team of garbage collectors on their bikes rummage through mine and my neighbors refuse. HELLO. That's mine, even if it is trash.

Thank heaven I have an Early Bird, I suppose, or I would have overlooked it, and that could have made for a very long week around here garbage-wise.

4. Last night, through the (mixed) miracle that is Grandma, and friends who offer you their free tickets, my husband and I boldy got to go where no man has gone before; I highly recomend it! Highly.

5. Sunshine. We are suppose to be smiled upon all weekend. How I love me some sunshine. I can smell the 'Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection' already. MMMMMM...did I mention I love sunshine?

6. Dr. Pepper! I am going to drink a lot of it today because my friend Cammie told me I can, and she already knows my Number Seven, so it is okay.

7. It is my Birthday. I am somewhere close to the middle of my thirties, and that is all I am going to say about that. I will tell you though, that I get to have my favorite food with my favorite people today, and that I will be showered with home made birthday cards. What a Lucky, if not older, Duck am I?


Duckygirl said...

Happy Birthday! And I'm so glad you got the garbage out in time, the second week stinks (literally) if you forget (I know this all too well).

SmallWorld at Home said...

Happy, happy birthday! I have you have lots of satisfying belches from your Dr. P.

sara's art house said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is a great one! (I left you a comment on your boy in the house post too)

Sweet Annabelle said...

Hey! Glad to find your blog - I'm a homeschool mom, too, and never thought I'd be. We're in our 12th year over here!

** Sorry you're not getting any sleep! I hated that!

**LOVE Dr. Pepper!

**Hope your birthday was great!