Thursday, May 28, 2009

I should be on the brink of insanity more often.

I don't know why no one in my immediate circle has commented on the tire marks running across by back yet; I am sure they are there. At least they should be there- I feel like I was broadsided by a Mac Truck this past week. Does someone want to pass me a mirror so that I can check?

There have been things going on with my extended family that even I would almost not believe if I read them in print. This, and the feeling that this whole unemployment thing that my guy (oh,and about 15.9% of all other Central Oregonians) has going on is getting old-enough-already, have left me talking gibberish and staring down walls.

Okay, not really, but close.

What it has done is thrown me into this crazy, crazy creative streak where suddenly all those little things that, for years, have never had a place in my home (beyond the rubbermaid in the garage)just suddenly 'fit'. I married a man with a crafty (in the best sense of the word) mother and she always gives me cool stuff that I have no idea what to do with. This week some of it started to piece itself together in a non-cluttery kind of way; Pure magic. It has been a decoupage and scrapbook paper transformation, and it has been the only thing I have wanted to do at times. At my place of employment, this would be called 'distress tolerence,' where you pick an activity and become hyper-focused on it so that you can survive the immediate period of stress on the short-term without going bonkers. I'm happy to report that it is serving me well. Instead of my kids thinking mommy is a basket case, my kids actually think I'm fun, and like a wise Suess once said, fun is good. Besides, they'll figure out the basket case part of me soon enough, I'm going to shine while I still can.

I have been staying up till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning cutting and pasting away. I do not have a finished product yet because, well, because I have five kids who are constantly asking to eat and such, so I am taking little bites, just like a good girl should. And yes, if any of you are Shel Silverstein fans, you know that just like Tiny Melinda Mae, in eighty-nine years I'll eat this whale, just like I said I would.

Above is a before of our Homeschool Room/ Dining/Kitchen/Family Room. After typing that it is no wonder I have NEVER, in the almost seven years we have owned this house, been able to figure out this space. Those are some serious identity issues, no? This is Eilidh, giving a sneak peak at the improvements. My favorite part of the room so far is this cabinet. Please, pay no attention to the white board behind it, I just don't know where to put the silly thing yet. Knowing me, it will still be there when my baby turns six. Sometimes a girl just needs a little more color in her life.


sara's art house said...

We are in the same place....we do school in our kitchen/dining area too. I tried to have school upstairs in our playroom- so that it could have been a school room- but it didn't work- I need to be in the kitchen so I can teach but still do stuff that I need to in the kitchen.

So we have the same problem too- where to put everything!

LOVE the birds and those 2 oval boxes are cute!

Emily said...

Crafts are fun! and it seems like you need some uh, distraction in your life right now. Having a guy out of work makes for a tough family life situation. Weekends are the only time my husband and I fight. Because he's on my turf and plus he's BORED. (sounds like a personal problem to me...I'll hush up.) ha,ha

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

What a fun, crafty momma you are! I like the little birdies. As to your space dilemma, ummm... I think what you are saying is that you LIVE in the room. Which, in my humble opinion, is better than having a museum of a kitchen/dining/homeschool space.

Oh and you're welcome on the warm weather. It was gorgeous up there! Now we are back to heat and humidity and mosquitoes galore. Don't be jealous.