Friday, July 24, 2009


I wish that my scanner was working properly because I would really like to show you the handy-work that has been adorning my walls for the past two days. It is not though, so I just had to come up with some way to illustrate what the designer of the original masterpiece was trying to convey:


This is Otis.

He is 6 and a half.

He is black and has a white belly with a white tip on his tail.

He likes fish treats.

So if you find my cat call (made up phone number) and tell me where you live.

Arrow (flip page)


Well, Otis, you are not lost, but I am afraid that she got everything else right.

(Notice: Sleeping 3 year old added for sense of scale; not included in this offer.)


Duckygirl said...

Wowie, that is a big cat! And you have clever kiddo there making up a poster like that :)


Emily said...

That is a clever sign. HUGE cat. Or is it that your kids are just tiny? :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

OH MY! That is a giganto cat!!!

I wish you had a scanner. If the words are cute, handwriting visuals would make it even more so.