Monday, March 1, 2010

I Confess...

I think there are some perfectionist tendencies running deep within my veins. My barely-functional blogger template (that I certainly did not love, but was *in-like* with) completely stopped doing what I asked it to do.

I know.

I mean, can you imagine?

And here I thought we were tolerating each other just fine.

It gave me some sob story about me not paying it enough attention, anyway, and that I'd be sorry when it was gone.

Boy, was it right.


I am back to complete bloggy-basics and it is driving me crazy!  I have a vision of what I would like it to look like and this certainly isn't it. It makes me not even want to bother with writing right now.

Does anyone else get that way about stuff in their lives? If it can't be what you know it could be, then is it still worth it?

Please, somebody, tell me I am not alone.

The Pied-Piper of Custom Blog Goodness is calling to me.

I think it might be time for Mom to get a paper route


SmallWorld at Home said...

Yes, it is still worth it. Don't stop blogging.

Christine said...

I like this though. You better not stop blogging. It IS worth it. I get overwhelmed and have had to let a lot of things that require too much thought slide for the moment. You can do it! :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

your "basic" blog looks much better than anything i could have ever come up with! if it wasn't for darcy, i would probably still be eeking along at my old blog home. my new spot makes me WANT to blog.

i know you'll get it done.

oh, did you ever get those cookies?