Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Little Dirt

We were just hours into our first day living in our newest home when I realized that my children might never be clean again. 

There was dirt here.
Dirt like I had never known before.

Not the kind of dirt that knows its place either;
This dirt was bold and rose in clouds that followed you around, taller with every step, until you suspected its' presence and looked over your shoulder, paranoid.

'Huh? Funny...I could have sworn I was being followed?'

See what I mean?
Sneaky dirt.

Anytime one of my five kids popped back inside from playing with their new BFFs (which you know was like, every two minutes), the dirt would barge in too. 

It was sneaky and fast and I could not keep up with it for the life of me.

Before I knew it, I was chasing its' tracks through out the house: mounds on the floor,  handprints up the stairwell, anywhere they might set their little hind ends.

Getting the kids all dressed for the day and then out to the car without one of them falling victim to attack became my primary mission. Yet, little did I know,  Sneaky Dirt had a friend.

That is right-

 bring on 

The Rain.

Now it is not as though I never let my children get dirty. I love the occasional what-the-hay-just-go-for-it, but every time a young'n of mine needs fresh air? 


And we live in Central Oregon where the rain accumulation is barely worth mentioning, so it only stands to reason that someone must have told it all to land at my house.

 I try not to panic. 

I try not to let the words  'I hate this place' out past the gate where my children might overhear them- This place that was suppose to make things easier for us. I try not to let them past, but the spaces between the bars are a little too wide and my words are crafty too. 

I begin to formulate a plan that would make me The Boss again; a plan that involves lots of laundry. 

I strip down the kids, gather our loads, and I push the magic button.

 NOTHING happens. 

Does this machine not know that there is a war going on? An enemy threatening to take over our camp?!? I will never be able to keep up now!

Much frustration, two repairmen, several electricians, a couple of new machines, and eight weeks later, I am finally submerged in The Parable of God's Washing:

I had tried to find a comfortable place again, to make myself a refuge, but Sneaky Dirt knew the way.

 Life's Storms came too- dare I say they were given my forwarding address? Told they could stop by?

My Dirt and Life's Storms joined forces and really made a mess of things.

I made plans for counter attack.

I mustered my strength
and I tried to wash away what lingered. 


Apparently, I really needed a reminder.

How thankful this momma of five is for the chance to do laundry in her own home again.

How thankful I am for a life that seems so out of control some days.

How thankful I am to know The One who is in control.

I am so glad that God loves us like the messy children we are and offers to make us clean.

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

sneaky dirt. storms. yeah, i know what you mean. no matter how much you scrub and wash, it doesn't come clean on it's own. it clings to you until buckets of grace wash it off.