Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming...

 I have decided that until I am blogging somewhat regularly again, I need to think less and type more.

(Man, can I think too much.)

So for a now the point is not necessarily what I write, just that I write  SOMETHING.  This brings me to Seven Quick Takes Friday.

Or at least it was Friday when I started-That makes it still count.

(And if you dare to get all technical on me, I will just play with Time/Date thing and make it whatever time I want. So there. )

1. I was looking for pictures to accompany my post and realized that most of our quick real-life snap shots involve us eating. I  will be the first to attest that these five kids think they need to be fed regularly (unrealistic, entitled children), but isn't there anything else we do that might be considered photo-worthy? Anyone willing to tell me I am not the only one who will be prefacing all of her photos with 'This is so-and-so eating a such-in-such' when it comes time to humiliate her children in front of the opposite sex? Someone?

2.  And speaking of photos. I can not get over how much Eilidh and Silas look like they could be twins in the one of them enjoying their first-frozen-yogurt-ever (See! I followed the formula! This is so-and-so...)! They would hate for me to say that, but even with three years difference, they are so much alike; Best enemies, you know the sort.

3. And speaking of Silas.  He will be having his first over-nighter tomorrow. Going to Grandmas...wants me to go with him.


His sisters always get to go, so this time is just for him. In addition to seeing Yogi Bear, he has high hopes of being able to cross off 'own and master harmonica' from his bucket-list. Grandma, just for the record, I warned you not to mention the T-O-Y store.

4. My youngest daughter can not both eat and sit down at the same time; Primal urge to always be ready to flee from those who might steal her food, perhaps. At any rate, I am not sure if said child has figured out which is worse yet: Her food being lifted from her when she is not paying attention or her head meeting the tile below the chair that she is suppose to be sitting on. 

5. Someone around here will be turning TWO this week! This certain someone can have birthday cake to her heart's content too... but only if she sits down.

6. I find February to be a loverly month for a birthday because 'February' is just so stinking cute. I think this is due to Valentine's Day and to pink doilies and felt/paper hearts in particular. 

7. Is it odd that the last thing I associate with Valentine's Day is romance? No PG or R rating here, just cuteness and cupcakes, that is what I'm about. 

There I go again about food.


Duckygirl said...

My life seems to revolve around food too.

Cute pictures....but now I want some ice cream. :)


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

This is a real life post! I <3 food and shoot, we eat all day long so we're always thinking about it!

Emily said...

Okay, I'm fixated on your cupcake comment...

I cannot even comment on your darling children...