Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogging for Blogging's Sake, Not Pete's

So if I am simply blogging for the sake of blogging, does that mean I really have nothing to say?

Don't answer that, please. It happens to be what I am doing right now.

I have been wanting to tell you all about my son's new haircut (cause it is a doozy!) but I am so photo dependent when I write that my husband hogging our memory card has simply thrown off my groove. At least that is what I keep telling myself, anyway.

The picture above?

A before.

I think maybe I am just embarrassed.

Afterall, this haircut-to-top-all-haircuts (also affectionately referred to in our home as "Another Victim Of The Current Economic Times") was my doing.

I didn't mean to.

I was trying to do the right thing by saving money.


There was a point where I could have stopped and been okay; I crossed that point of no return. Now, even after two attempts at fixing my mistakes, it is still not right.

I did not even you know you could mess up a buzz cut. Funny that.

Bye-bye Young Master Si-Walker.

Your little brother wants to thank you for going first- he got a professional haircut and a sucker out of your pain.


Michelle said...

Oh, too funny! It does truly demand a photo!!! Glad to know y'all are happy and well.


Christine said...

I'm very photo dependent in my blogging. I just have nothing to write about if there's not a photo included. As for the hair, it's only hair... it'll grow back. How do you learn this valuable lesson if you never made the mistake to begin with. Right? :)