Thursday, February 10, 2011

If You Give a Kid a Camera...

Do you ever go to grab your point-and-shoot and discover that the memory card is full of pictures you know that you did not take? I was planning on letting myself off easy today by doing a Wordless Wednesday post, but when I started to review the contents of the camera I noticed that exact 'something-amiss' going on at my house.

The bulk of which just cracked me up.


So here you have it- a boys' eye view of the morning through a finger-print smudged lens:

Myles! Myles! Wake up- I have Mom's camera!
This thing still on?

Look, Myles! Inky wants his picture taken! Don't blink, Inky.
Okay, fine! Bear-Bear, you can get in too.

Dude, Yoda! Do you always have to 'Force' yourself into the action? Guys, let's just hurry this along so we can sneak down to the fridge before mom wakes up.

It really does take The Village People  a village to raise a child, doesn't it?

I am just wondering where they were while I was still in bed.

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SmallWorld at Home said...

I love it! It always cracks me up to see what my kids take pictures of. Lego battles are about my favorite.